Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This mani started with Shades by Barielle Myrza's Meadow. I did two coats and then followed with Konad plate m69, using China Glaze LOL.

Myrza's Meadow was thick, like most Barielles I've used so far. I added thinner several times to make it easier to work with.

Also, I had a little bit of trouble with my stamping. I couldn't get the LOL to transfer as cleanly as I wanted. It turned out really cute, though!

My next Konadicure is with Sephora by OPI Rumba Romance. I did three coats and then used plate m57 with Konad Princess Gold Black for the stamping.

Tiger nails!! RAWRR!! This one was super fun. I got tons of compliments on it. :)

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Loving it :) Been meaning to try to do something similar on freehand but i havent found a brush that i think would do the job. Time to go to the local arts and crafts store i think! :)

LOVE them both.
I WANT that gold. :)

In first one I feel sands on the beach, second one is wild =) Love them


I am seriously in love with Rumba Romance! I love both of these but your Tiger Nails have captured my heart!

Ohhh I seen the new MUFE Aqua Cream liners...I must have them! Which ones do you have already?! :)

Honi - that would be awesome! I haven't tried any real freehand nail art yet. I greatly admire those that do it! :)

Thanks, Susie! You should get it!

Thanks, zuzu. :)

Jessica, thank you. The tiger nails were definitely a hit. Can you believe I don't own any of the new MUFE cream shadows yet?! Our store still doesn't have them in yet. I expect/hope we will get them this week...and then for sure I'm gonna be in trouble!! They look so amazing!!! :D

Im shocked you don't have any of MUFE aqua cremes yet! I've recently discovered cream liners and now I'm in heaven, I dont even want to use my UD 24/7's or liquids anymore.

Colors are beautiful!

This is awesome! I'm a bit of a new comer when it comes to doing patterns on my nails so I was wondering if you had any tutorials or anything on how to do these? Lovin the blog!

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