Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Color Club High Society. This is one from the new Rebel Debutante collection that Color Club graciously provided for me to review. I am hoping to review the other lovely shades soon. I've had a hard time finding sun to swatch on days when I'm not working! Example: today. Rainy and cloudy - so sad!

Three coats of High Society. This color is so cool and hard to describe. It has many moods and many sides! The application was excellent. It got a little thicker by the third coat, but was still easy enough to manage.

The first two pictures show the warm beigey side, which is easily evident in the early morning sun.

The pictures above is indoors and shows off the taupey mushroom side. I had worn it for a few days at this point, so forgive the tip wear, if you can.

The picture about captures a bit of my favorite side - the mauvey, purply gray side! When I chose the bottle to paint my nails with, I thought about how light the color looked. It definitely gets darker on the nail. It's still a pretty light taupe, but not as light as you'd think.

Someone where I work asked me if I was wearing the new Chanel, Particuliere. I didn't even realize that this was similar, but it sure is. $2 vs. $25 (or something like that), not a hard choice for me! Plus, I don't think of myself as a taupe lover, but this color really caught my eye and I have to say I loved wearing it. It's classy, soft, and different.

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Just found your blog and I am absolutely loving it! I am in lust over that color!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


That is a pretty color!

So many of this collection I fell in love with and didn't think I would! This is such a pretty color and you captured it well.

You are oh so fancy now! Looks great on you!

(=O .....OMG!Amazing!

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