Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I'm so excited to show you my first official review!! Illamasqua was kind enough to send me Ruthless and Wayward for review. You all know how much I adore Illamsqua, so this is HUGE for me. :D I want you to know that I will always, always provide honest reviews, and the possibility or reality of a company sending me gratis polish will in no way affect my opinions. Also, I suppose I will have to get a pre-fab disclosure thingy pretty soon. In any case, on to the glorious polish!

Two coats of Ruthless, a delicious and most shiny medium red creme. It applied most excellently, as I have come to expect from Illamasqua. The polish just goes where you want it to go and flows very evenly off the brush. :)

It leans a wee bit warm, and looks a little more warm in these pictures than in real life due to some quirkiness factor of my uber pale skin and/or Canon ELPH camera.

If you didn't already know, Illamasqua is a line that prides itself for being an edgy, unique brand that encourages and promotes self-expression as well as discovering and enjoying your alter ego. Many of their products are geared toward night-time and night life, which I think is kind of cool and interesting. I, personally, do not, nor have ever really had an exciting night life by any means.

However, I can sure as heck appreciate beautiful colors and high performing products!

Wayward, a vivid mid-toned yellow creme, applied nicely for me in three coats.

It needed three coats to be perfectly smooth and even, but otherwise it had none of the problems that often present with yellow polishes.

I think this is a super fun color that is cheery and light-hearted whilst still being funky and interesting.

If you still haven't had the pleasure of trying Illamasqua, I do highly recommend them! I realize they are pricey, but if you are able to get a few of your favorite colors, I do not think you will regret it. You may just become a psycho-raving-lunatic fan, like myself...

Which, might be a good thing...and also might not! :)

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Beautiful red but wow, that yellow is super hot! I may have to break down and pick that up. I love their colors but it is a *wee* bit pricey for me.
Thanks for showing these!

WOW, I LOVE Wayward!! I'm a huge fan of yellows and this is a really fun one!

That red is so sexy! I love seeing your Illamasqua swatches, always so perfect. So far I've got MILF, Rare, Baptiste and Collide. Collide was fantastic and I haven't wore the others yet cause I'm lame :)

Woohoo!! Love it! Just what I needed right now :D

I haven't worn any that I own yet. The polishes are beautiful. That red is gorgeous. Also love that yellow.

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