Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Are you as shocked as I am to see another post in such a timely manner? :) I'm trying, here, I really am! I value you, my readers, and want to give you the most dizzying polish to look at on a regular basis. Thanks for your understanding over the past few weeks and let's get on to the polish!

Finger Paints. Decked with Dazzle. Holiday '09.

Shimmery, foil-y, beauteous sparkling cool pink. Near Magenta, I'd say.

What's with the beach ball? (You may be thinking this.) Nothing really. It just happens to pop on over to be in my pictures and I kind of like it. It's a tribute to my awesome friend who bought it and can't wait to be here on vacation soon.

*sigh* My nails are looking good in these pictures. Sadly they were taken a while ago and now I'm sporting some hard-core nubs. C'est la vie.

I don't remember what top coat I used here, but it tried to shrink back a little on me. If it weren't for that the mani would have be pure perfection! :)

Finger Paints smell like wicked nasty toxic waste to me, but I like the consistency, application, and wear well enough to forgive them for that. Also, the price is more than fair. You can find these gems at Sally Beauty Supply.

4 dizzy comments:

This is really pretty - thanks for letting us know where you can get Finger Paints (I've been wondering). That's too bad they are so stinky... do you know if they are big 3 free? This color is just spectacular though, I love it!

Wow, I need this color!

This is gorgeous. I love seeing your pretty blue pool!

That's a lovely shade of polish on you. I don't have any of this brand,

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