Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This season has brought several terrific ambiguous purply gray colors. Hooray, I say!! These are some big favorites for me. Not only do they look great with my skin tone, but they meet my need for a chic, unique purply color. Yes, I love my purples!

Here is Dior's Silver Purple. Clever name, right? It's soooo beautiful!

It's got a gunmetal gray base with a hint of purple and shimmer.

Next up is Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud. I have wanted this polish from the moment I first heard about it, which I might add was quite some time ago! I have not yet seen it in my area. Boo! I also gave up looking for it a few weeks ago when a most generous gal from MUA sent it to me out of the kindness of her heart, knowing that I was going bonkers trying to find it!

These flash pictures really pick up on the gorgeous lilac side of Opulent Cloud. It just makes me happy! Check out the subtle shimmah on the index finger and thumb below!

Now for pictures with fluorescent lighting. It shows much more golden soft gray.

The application was smooth and flawless. I am a big fan of the Sally Hansen HDs, from the buttery formula to the brush (which reminds me of a more narrow version of OPI's Pro-Wide).

If I ever see these in person I may have to pick up the red and pink in the fall line, as well as a back-up of OC! THANK YOU GINA!!!! xoxo

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Opulent Cloud looks amazing!!!

If you have Rite Aid's in your area, I've seen a display with the four new Sally Hansen HD collection polishes at everyone I've been to recently. I actually picked up Opulent Cloud there. Better news is that they have been having a sale that's buy one, get the second 1/2 off on SH polishes.
The only downside is paying $6.20 for a bottle - when I'm used to buying CG for 3 something and OPI for 4, it's hard to do.

Kathryn - thanks for the tip! Unfortunately there seem to be no Rite Aid's where I'm at in Central Florida. Boo! Hiss! I always did love Rite Aid growing up (there was one down the street from me and I'd ride my bike down and get candy, writing utensils, and paper). :) Buy one, get one half off would be fabulous!! I paid full price for the original HDs, like $7 a bottle or something absurd. Ugh. At least the are gorgeous. I'm hoping they may be in Walgreens here eventually.

Green with gold glitter. Fabulous. I must do this!

Two lovely manicures. Love that shade of greyed purple. I still have found Opulent Cloud. Someday it will turn up.

That Dior polish is to die for!

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